Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do my ears make my head look too small?

I had a really fun 4th of July weekend. I got to spend lots of time with my foster family and they're really nice! One good thing, I don't get upset about fireworks. Some dogs get really nervous with loud bangs, but I didn't mind at all. (note: we haven't been through a thunderstorm yet, so we don't know about thunder, but fireworks were no big deal.) I was getting a bit fussy about eating so my foster mom has been mixing my dry food with a little chicken broth and I really like that.

I got to go to a party one night. There were a lot of big dogs and a bunch of people I didn't know. They were really cool and I had a lot of fun! Some of those people get the message that it's ok to give dogs food! Pretty cool! I had hotdogs and potato chips and all kinds of awesome stuff. My foster mom doesn't approve of feeding dogs people food, so we kind of had to sneak. (I know. It's kind of silly. But she's really smart about most stuff. So I guess I can forgive her for not wanting me to get good yummy people food.) I met lots of people. One lady had me on her lap for a really long time. She kept saying, "Harvey, look at him! Isn't he cute? I want him!! Please?!" She was cute. Everyone liked me. They kept saying, "What a nice dog! He won't be around long!" I hope they're right! I like my foster people, but I sure would like my own people again. Maybe they'd even let me sleep with them! That would sure be nice!

I AM getting a bit tired of people saying my ears are too big. Jeez people. Get over it. I'm a chihuahua with german shepard sized ears. They don't weigh my head down or anything. I'm sure you have some unique features too! (I try not to feel self conscious, but it's hard when the first thing everyone always says is, "Wow! His ears are HUGE!")


On Saturday, my foster daddy gave me a cookie! It's SO awesome!! It's like a giant bone! Only it's made out of cookie stuff!! (note: it's just a generic, milk-bone-like dog biscuit) I don't want to eat it! I just want to save it forever! It's SO COOL!!!! So I took it into my crate and buried it under my blankies. It's like the best cookie EVER! But then Chester (my little chihuahua foster brother) stole it from my crate. My foster mom gave it back to me and I buried it in my blankies again. But all the other dogs want my awesome cookie. So I stayed in my crate to guard it!

My foster mommy finally said I had to come out of my crate. That I can't spend all day every day guarding my cookie. But it's SO AWESOME! I don't want anyone to steal it. So my foster mommy closes the door of my crate during the day so I don't have to worry about anyone stealing my cookie. I've now had my special cookie for 3 days and I'm never going to give it up!! It's really special. So if you adopt me, make sure to ask my foster mommy to bring the cookie.

On Sunday, a kid came over to visit. He wasn't very clever about dogs. He waved his hands around a lot. My foster mom taught him a few things. I liked him though. He seemed really nice and I didn't mind that he waved his hands around a lot. He liked me too and we went for a walk around the yard on my leash. It was fun. He laughed a lot.

It's Tuesday today and I'm back at work. I like it here. (Of course, I like it everywhere. I'm a pretty cheerful sort, you know.) But I've been getting more confident and I'm even playing sometimes!

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