Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chilli needs a new home

Hi! I'm Chilli, a 5 year old, 7 pound chihuahua. I'm told that I have really big


Up until yesterday I lived with my mommy. She had to give me up so I went for a car ride and she gave me to a nice lady from Yankee Chihuahua Rescue. Then I had to go in a strange car IN A CRATE!! I don't know why I had to ride in a crate!!! But I was very brave and I got in the crate easily and didn't cry or anything. We went for a pretty long car ride.

Then when we got there, there were dogs of all sizes. I like other dogs, so that was ok. I peed and pooped outside when I got to my new house. They say I like to "mark" things, whatever that means. All I know is things smell better when they smell like me! So I made every tree, bush and rock smell like me! It was fun. Then when we went into the house and I sniffed around for a good long time. I was going to make the ironing board smell like me, but when I lifted my leg, the foster lady yelled "NO!!" and took me outside. I guess they don't want stuff inside to smell like me. Go figure.

I spent the evening begging for food. I like food. And I met the man foster guy. He's awesome. I like him a lot. In fact I like all the people. There's a teenager that likes to cuddle.


That's pretty cool. There's a big black dog that tried to get me to play. But I didn't really want to play. I wanted to eat and look around.

Then the foster lady took me outside to go pee again, which I did. Then she told me I had to sleep in a crate. How foolish. These people have a LOT to learn. Chilli's like to sleep on beds, not in crates. So I barked. But only for a couple minutes. Then I went to sleep and slept until morning.

This morning the foster lady took me outside to pee and I did. Then I got to eat breakfast. Yummy! Then I went out again. Then I found the kid and cuddled with her for a while.


Really nice.


Then I had to get in the crate in the car again and I went with the foster lady to her work. I met a bunch of new people. They were nice and gave me cookies. Now I'm hanging out in the office with the foster lady.


It's boring and I keep wandering around looking for things to do. There's toys and bones here. I've chewed on the bones. But it's kind of boring. There's a chihuahua named Chester who came to work too. He's sleeping. And Maria (she's a bigger dog) is here too. She's sleeping. It's pretty boring. But I guess it's ok. There are really big scary metal stairs here and I was afraid of them. So my foster lady took me up the elevator the first time. Then when it was time to go down, I got afraid, so my foster lady picked me up and carried me down. But then I guess she got tired of carrying me, because she put me down on a step near the bottom. I went down the other 4 steps myself. She said I was really brave. That was this morning. By afternoon, I was running up and down the steps like I'd done it my whole life. The only bad thing about work is that people don't share their food with me here either. They give me dog cookies, but you'd think they could have kicked loose with a little piece of bologna or something at lunch time. Oh well. I guess I'll relax for a while. I wish I knew where I was going to live for good. I want to have my own people again! But this will do for now.

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  1. Chilli is SO cute!! We have a chihuahua named Taco, he would love to play with Chilli! I love his ears, he is just adorable!! :)