Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pearl's Virtual leash

My foster mom thought you might like to see me at work. I no longer need a leash. I'm right there by her side every minute. My foster mom still keeps me on a leash when we're outside and at work if we're cruising around the building and she might get distracted by work or something. But I'm loving having more freedom!

I'm really feeling ready to go to my new forever home. My foster mom says that I get to go live with Miss Charlotte in a couple weeks. She's the nice lady I met last weekend. I love her. But I still have to have surgery on my cherry eye first, so it will take a couple of weeks until I get to go home to live with Miss Charlotte.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pearl goes visiting

Wow. What a busy weekend! On Saturday, my foster mom took me all over the place. In the morning she took me to Maine and I met these really nice people. The lady really knows how to pet a Pearl! I could have sat with her all day. She was really nice. It was a long trip and I like trips. Every time my foster mom opens the car door I jump right in (even before she wants me to.) Now I've learned to jump in and get into my little crate.) I love to go places!!

Then that night my foster mommy took me and Chester to a party. There were lots of people and lots of hotdogs. My foster mom wouldn't let Chester have any hotdogs, but I pretty much ate my weight in hotdogs because everyone wanted to feed me. It was awesome. My foster mom REALLY doesn't approve of feeding dogs people food and CERTAINLY never feeds dogs people food when she's eating it. She hates having dogs begging from her when she's eating. So I've learned to leave her alone when she's eating. But these people were SAPS!! They ALL fed me! It was SO COOL!

I didn't want to pee in these people's grass before we went in to the party, so my foster mom was pretty neurotic about watching me. You know how she gets. But I really didn't have to go. So that was annoying. But I didn't embarrass her or myself by having an accident. She took me outside about a million times. But I wouldn't go. My foster mom was annoyed that I wouldn't squat and squeeze out a couple of drops to make her feel better. HELLO! I REALLY DON'T HAVE TO GO!!

Chester and I saw a cat and at the same time we both ran after her. Except the stupid cat wouldn't run. It just sat there and stared at us. So that was embarrassing. Chester and I had to turn away and pretend that we didn't mean for the cat to run. Everyone laughed at us. sigh.

Then everybody sat down and played a stupid card game. It was a bit boring, except for every so often, someone would drop something. So I hung out under the table and ate potato chips and stuff. I sat with my foster dad which surprised my foster mom. I generally don't like him much. He reminds me of someone I hate. I like most men especially the ones that ignore me, but not him so much. But I sat with him cuz he seemed to like that and fed me more. My foster mom was surprised that I didn't barf, cuz I ate so much. Chester sat on my foster mom's lap while they played cards and another nice lady picked my up and I sat on her lap for a while. It was fun.

Then when we went back home it was really late. All the dogs went out to get empty and I did too. But then I didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to party still. My foster mom was understanding about that and let me run and play for a few minutes. I grabbed a toy and wrestled with it. My foster mom was surprised because I've never played with a toy. But when she would throw it, I would run and grab it.

It was so fun. Then she helped me settle down and put me in my crate for the night. I slept like a rock. Good times!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Potty Training Pearl

So now I've been in my foster home for an entire week. It's been pretty fun and I'm happy. My foster mom thought this might be a really good time to talk about my potty training. I know. Embarrassing, right? I can't believe I have to talk about this, but my foster mom thought a bit of detail might help my new family know how to best help me with this. For the record, I haven't had an "accident" in a couple of days and they really weren't my fault anyway, so I don't know what all the fuss is about, but whatever.

The biggest challenge to potty training (other than I've never done it before) is that I've been in a kennel for quite some time. I don't know if you know how nasty that is. That means I have to pee and poop in the same place that I sleep!! Yuck! I am a very tidy dog. I don't want to be near pee or poop. They're gross. (My foster brother, Leo, doesn't even notice if he steps in it. ICK!! He's a big slobbery lab. So that explains it, right?) But anyway, in a kennel, you can pee whenever you want. You never have to hold it. So now, I am learning that I only have certain opportunities to pee. At first when my foster people would take me outside, I wouldn't go right away, so they had to wait. But I'm better about that now, since I'm learning what I'm there for.

The other tough part is that these people expect me to pee in GRASS!! I think I might have mentioned before that grass is weird tickly stuff and I DON'T LIKE IT!!! So it's hard to think about peeing when your feet are in icky grass. But I'm doing it. My foster mom took a video of me today going pee in the grass. (I know, right?!?! How embarrassing is that!!?! There must be a law against posting stuff like this on the internet!! Jeez!) But here it is.

So that was taken at 11:30 this morning. Do you want to hear my basic pee schedule? Really? You do?! Wow. Humans are obsessed with the weirdest stuff!

Ok. Here goes. So for the first week, I woke up and the people scurry me outside to pee. What a lame way to start the day. Go in the wet dewy grass and pee. But then I got to go in and have breakfast. Then the people took me outside for another pee/poop break. My foster mom seems to not be satisfied unless I have peed 3 times and pooped once. I think she might be a bit of a control freak and a bit overly obsessed with toileting habits. But I love her anyway. In any case, if my foster mom wasn't convinced I was empty, she would watch me like a hawk and if I started to sniff around she would take me out again. It was a bit annoying. But she seems to be relaxing more now. She's making good progress.

After I got more into the habit of peeing right away when she took me out, it started to get easier. She still took me out more than I really needed to go, but sometimes I would tell her I didn't have to go, just so I could get out of the icky grass. But she seemed to be pretty patient.

For the last couple of days, my foster mom has mixed it up a bit. I overheard her saying that she wanted me to learn to "hold it" so she has started waiting until I look like I really have to go. I don't really like to scurry out of my crate in the morning to pee. Sometimes, I really don't feel like I need to go until I've moved around a bit. So for the last 2 days, my foster mom has fed me before I went out. That was fine with me, but my foster mom watches me super carefully before I do my first morning pee. That's for sure!

Now when I'm at work with my foster mom, I have to go out whenever she has a minute. So like today, I peed and pooped after breakfast at 7:30. Than we all went to work. When we got there, I peed before we went in at 8:30. Then I went around the office on a leash and visited people. Then I got to play with Chester and Rudy. Then I got to chew on a bone and nap for a while. A couple of times my foster mom wanted to leave the office for a few minutes so she put me in my crate then, but I didn't mind. Then at 11:30 she took me for a pee break (that's the one she videoed.) Did I mention that it's WICKED EMBARRASSING!!?! Then a guy came into the office and they had a meeting. I hardly barked at him. Now I'm having a nap (it's 1:00 and my foster mom's having lunch.) She says she doesn't plan to take me out again until 3 or 4 PM. You might be wondering how I'm writing this and sleeping at the same time? If so, you're thinking too much. :)

Just so you don't think that my foster mom ONLY takes videos of dogs peeing, here is another video of me today at work.

Anyway, I don't really ask to go out yet. My foster mom doesn't give me a chance to cuz she takes me out WAY more than I need to. I guess that might be why I haven't had many accidents. A couple of times I've started to squat in the house and she scoots me out the door super fast. (One time I only wanted to sit down. I wasn't peeing at all. Jeez! I get it! You want me to pee in the grass. Did I mention that my foster mom's a bit crazy?)

Then this weekend I was home alone with just one of the kids and when my foster mom came home she found a poop on the mat in front of the door. Jeez. I was at the door. WATCH ME GUYS!! LOOK! OVER HERE!! I HAVE TO GO OUT!!! But my foster mom was a bit disappointed since she had taken me out to pee right before she left and she was only gone for an hour. But I didn't think about pooping then. I'm still not used to the concept of holding it and voiding all at one time. And I had already pooped once in the morning. So all things being equal, I prefer if you take me out too much and watch me the rest of the time. I'm easy to watch. I like to stay right with my foster mom. She knows that if I'm not right next to her, I must be sniffing around. Sometimes I'm just looking for food, but if I'm sniffing, she takes me out. I guess it's ok. I've only been working on potty training for a week so I think I'm doing pretty well, right. Didn't it take you longer than that to learn where to pee? :)

Update - 5-28-2010

So it's been a full 2 weeks of potty training and I am doing really well. I'm on a pretty regular schedule now. Here it is:

6AM(ish) - my foster mom takes me out of my crate and I go for a quick pee. Then we come back in the house and I get breakfast. Than My foster mom takes me out and I poop and pee again. She doesn't believe I'm empty in the morning until I have peed 3 times totally and pooped once.

8AM (ish) - I get in my traveling crate in the car and we go to work. My foster mom expects me to pee again when we get there before we go in. If I've already peed 3 times this morning, she doesn't push it. Usually I pee right away and we get to go in to work. If I don't pee right before we go in, she keeps me on a leash the whole time I'm there except when we're right in her office. She's really neurotic about making sure I'm empty at work. But I've never had an accident there, so I guess it's ok. My foster mom says that her work people will develop an attitude about helping socialize us foster dogs if we pee in the building. So we have to be really careful.

12:30 (ish) - My foster mom takes me out to pee. I usually go right away.

4 (ish) - We leave work. I have an opportunity to pee, but I usually don't go and my foster mom doesn't care. Then I jump into the car and get into my traveling crate and we usually go home.

4:30 (ish) - We get home. My foster mom checks if I want to pee before we go in. I usually pee either before we get in the car or after we get to the house. But if I don't feel like it, she doesn't care. She just watches me like a hawk (sometime keeps me on the leash, because it's hard to watch me when she's getting home to all the chaos.)

5PM (ish) - All 6 dogs get to eat. We all eat together. My foster mom gets all the dishes ready and then we get fed in order of age. Or size. I'm not sure how she decides. But old Toby and little Maria get fed first. At first I wanted to try to take their food. But I've learned to wait. Then Lucy and Leo (they're really big) get fed. Then Chester and I get ours. If anyone gets excited about feeding time, my foster mom just stops and stands there and waits for us all to settle down. So everyone has learned to sit politely and wait for their food. The others used to get really annoyed at me when I used to get excited. But now I get it. I don't get anything if I'm pushy. Then after dinner we all go out. I pee a couple of times and poop once. My foster mom plays ball with the big dogs. Chester and I play some and it's really fun.

9:30 (or right before my foster mom goes to bed.) - Chester, Maria and I go out to pee. Then my foster mom puts me in my crate for the night. Usually I don't mind because I'm tired, but sometimes I cry for a couple of minutes, because I really would rather sleep with the rest of the people and my foster mom. My foster mom just ignores me.

My foster dad often gets up at 5AM and I wish he would come and get me, so sometimes I bark or cry a bit when I hear him moving around and letting the other dogs out and stuff. But he doesn't take me out. I have to wait for my foster mom. And she won't come if I'm noisy. So I usually settle back down after a couple of minutes and wait until she's ready to get up. My foster mom tries not to let me hear her moving around or talking before she's ready to take me out, because she doesn't think that's really fair. Chester likes to sleep late. I'd sleep late too, if I were in that big comfy king sized bed. He's always the last one up. :)

This week I've only had one accident. My foster mom didn't let me pee after work before doggy dinner on Tuesday. I would have peed either at work or at home before we went in, but she didn't give me a chance. So I peed while she was dishing out food. She knew I probably was having an accident because she noticed I wasn't right by her side. She called me and I came right away, but she knew that I must have peed and went looking. She found my puddle. :( Oops. But I really had to go! All she needed to do was let me go before we went in the house. But she still thinks that only one accident on my second week of potty training is pretty good.

Anyway, that's the drill. Hope you liked hearing about how I am being potty trained.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pearl goes to work

So it has been a very busy week! I have met so many people. My foster kid, Julia took me to my foster mom's work this yesterday. It was a bit scary, but my foster mom says I was very brave. I met about a kajillion new people. They were really nice and a lot of them gave me treats.

Then my foster mom wanted me to go outside and pee. And just when I thought things couldn't get any sillier with the "going outside" thing, I had to go in the "dog pen" at work. It has tiny little stones on the ground and they expect me to pee in that? Really! I said that there was NO WAY I was going to pee in that stuff. So my foster mom caved and took me out to the grass. I never thought I would be happy to see grass!! I peed right away and as usual, everyone was very impressed with that.

Today I am at work for the whole day! I'm sleeping in this big old stinky dog bed. But I don't mind that Chester gets the good bed and I'm sleeping on the stinky bed. It has lots of bones and stuff.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi. My name is Pearl. I was accepted into Yankee Chihuahua Rescue on May 13, 2010. I had been living in the Lowell Shelter and I hated it. I had some people there that were pretty cool, but I didn't get to spend much time with them. Everyone says I was terribly stressed and they think I'm too thin. I agree! Feed the dog!! It wasn't that I wasn't fed, though. It's just that I was really nervous all the time and I think that uses up food.


These people came to get me. They fed me a hotdog, which was cool because I LOVE hotdogs. But I didn't really want to meet any more people. People just leave you. So I really didn't see why I should get to know any more of them. But these people decided that I should go for a car ride. They had a really nice crate for me with bunches of blankets! It was soft and lovely and so I cheerfully went into the travel crate and never made a sound the whole ride! I was HAPPY to leave the shelter! Maybe life will get better?

When I got to my foster home the first thing I had to do is meet dogs. Jeez! This place is already home to 5 other dogs of all sizes! It was kind of scary! But they were friendly dogs and understood when I wanted to be left alone. And these people seem to want to touch me. I don't know why I would want them to do that! So I backed away. They also expect me to pee in grass. Grass is this icky tickley green stuff and I don't like it. But I really had to go so I did. It sure seemed to make the lady happy.

Then life got a bunch better. These people seem to get it that I should be fed. I really LOVE FOOD!! So since these people deliver the food, I kind of guessed that they were pretty ok. I still don't really want to be touched.

Then we played the feed Pearl game. The feed Pearl game is awesome. One of the people says "Pearl" and I run over to that person and they give me a treat. Than someone else says "Pearl" and I run over to that person and they give me a treat. These people seem to get SO excited when I come over to them. They're pretty easily amused. All I have to do to make them happy is pee outside or come when they say "Pearl" and they are SO happy. Lame. Huh?


Then they all wanted to go outside. And these crazy people expect me to walk in GRASS! Ick! It's long and tickley and why would anyone choose to walk in that stuff. My foster family spends a lot of time outside throwing balls for all those dogs, so I guess grass is going to be part of my life. Oh well. The other dogs don't seem to mind the grass. In fact, Chester, (he's my little chihuahua foster brother) loves the stuff. He ROLLS in it. Gross, right? But sometimes I like to try to play with him. So I have to go in the grass for that.

I was pretty tired after all of this hubbub. This kid invited me to sit on the sofa with her. It was really nice. She started to pat me. And guess what? I REALLY LIKED IT!!! It was AWESOME! I got to spend all evening sleeping and getting patted. Things were really looking up!!


I slept in my nice cushy blankets in my crate. I was pretty tired. My foster mom was kind of surprised that I didn't cry at all. But what was there to cry about? My crate is really nice! And it's all mine!

I had a quiet day the next day and pretty much hung out with one of the kids. She's really nice and I like her. I will let her pick me up and she can pat me all she wants. I even will lick her hand.


The next day one of the girls took me for a walk around the neighborhood on a leash. It was really cool. I got to meet lots of people and I decided that I like meeting people. I talked to some little kids. I got to walk on pavement instead of that infernal grass. Life is good.

I also got to go to the pet store and look at toys. I don't care about toys. I don't really know what they're for. But Chester seems to like them, so whatever. I did get to meet more people. People are pretty nice. I learned that I can wag my tail. It's fun.

The next day my foster mom spent some time with me. She's really neat. She seems to understand me and I really want to spend more time with her. I feel like crying when she leaves me. She's Chester's mommy. Chester gets to have training time and I got to go to do training time too. She gave me treats when I sit down! It's so cool that these people are so easily amused!

Yesterday I got to "sit in the line-up". It's when all the dogs sit in a row and get treats. It's wicked easy and fun. I sat next to Leo. He's like 10 times bigger than me and he likes to play. But even he sat still for treats so I did too, although I would rather walk on my back legs for treats. These people seem to be happier when I sit though. So fine. I'll do it.

By the end of the 4th day, I was really thinking that things are going my way. I have lots of new friends. I can't wait to find the people that will keep me forever. I'm kind of tired of moving around. But for now, this place will do just fine.