Monday, May 24, 2010

Pearl goes visiting

Wow. What a busy weekend! On Saturday, my foster mom took me all over the place. In the morning she took me to Maine and I met these really nice people. The lady really knows how to pet a Pearl! I could have sat with her all day. She was really nice. It was a long trip and I like trips. Every time my foster mom opens the car door I jump right in (even before she wants me to.) Now I've learned to jump in and get into my little crate.) I love to go places!!

Then that night my foster mommy took me and Chester to a party. There were lots of people and lots of hotdogs. My foster mom wouldn't let Chester have any hotdogs, but I pretty much ate my weight in hotdogs because everyone wanted to feed me. It was awesome. My foster mom REALLY doesn't approve of feeding dogs people food and CERTAINLY never feeds dogs people food when she's eating it. She hates having dogs begging from her when she's eating. So I've learned to leave her alone when she's eating. But these people were SAPS!! They ALL fed me! It was SO COOL!

I didn't want to pee in these people's grass before we went in to the party, so my foster mom was pretty neurotic about watching me. You know how she gets. But I really didn't have to go. So that was annoying. But I didn't embarrass her or myself by having an accident. She took me outside about a million times. But I wouldn't go. My foster mom was annoyed that I wouldn't squat and squeeze out a couple of drops to make her feel better. HELLO! I REALLY DON'T HAVE TO GO!!

Chester and I saw a cat and at the same time we both ran after her. Except the stupid cat wouldn't run. It just sat there and stared at us. So that was embarrassing. Chester and I had to turn away and pretend that we didn't mean for the cat to run. Everyone laughed at us. sigh.

Then everybody sat down and played a stupid card game. It was a bit boring, except for every so often, someone would drop something. So I hung out under the table and ate potato chips and stuff. I sat with my foster dad which surprised my foster mom. I generally don't like him much. He reminds me of someone I hate. I like most men especially the ones that ignore me, but not him so much. But I sat with him cuz he seemed to like that and fed me more. My foster mom was surprised that I didn't barf, cuz I ate so much. Chester sat on my foster mom's lap while they played cards and another nice lady picked my up and I sat on her lap for a while. It was fun.

Then when we went back home it was really late. All the dogs went out to get empty and I did too. But then I didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to party still. My foster mom was understanding about that and let me run and play for a few minutes. I grabbed a toy and wrestled with it. My foster mom was surprised because I've never played with a toy. But when she would throw it, I would run and grab it.

It was so fun. Then she helped me settle down and put me in my crate for the night. I slept like a rock. Good times!

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