Friday, July 9, 2010

Chilli goes to the vet

So yesterday I had to go to the vet to get me "wellness visit". How stupid. If I'm well, why do I have to go to the vet and get stabbed with needles and stuff. Jeez people. Get a clue!

Anyway, at first I had fun cuz there was a kid there with a little dachshund puppy. I got to play with them and it was pretty cool. I didn't know it was a vet place. I thought it was just a fun place. So when it was my turn, I walked into the room on my leash. My foster mom didn't even have to carry me. I thought something was up when I had to get on a metal table. But the vet was really nice and I liked him. Until he stole some of my blood. (He was a vampire in vet's clothing! How sick do you have to be to want to steal Chilli blood!) Anyway, my foster mom said they were using it for tests, which apparently I passed. Then they stabbed me with needles. Then they wanted to watch me run. My foster mom says that sometimes I skip. (Yeah. So? I sometimes don't feel like putting my right hind foot on the ground. It doesn't bother me, so why should it bother you?) The vet says I have a luxating patella on that leg. I already told everybody that it doesn't hurt. And my patella's are way better than my little foster brother, Chesters. So I don't know what the fuss is about. Anyway, the vet said there's really nothing that needs to be done. Just make sure I don't get fat. And don't breed me, hahaha! My foster mom will take a video of me skipping and post it so you can see that I'm a perfectly awesome doggy even if I don't have perfectly perfect patellas.

It's been really really hot lately. That's really not a problem for us chihuahuas as long as we don't get too hot. But in celebration of the dog days of summer, here I am with my foster brother, Chester:


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